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 Sudhir Sant is basically a professional Artist (Student of J. J. School of Art).  He is expert in all kinds of art of paintings. On that basis he started his business of display advertising. He successfully arranged many Rangoli exhibitions in Diwali and Ganesh festivals. Similarly he studied Sculpture, Photography, Music, Script writing, Stage & Screen makeup also. He has worked successfully in reputed films and drama companies as a professional makeup artist for 10 years.
He had a lot of attraction of mysterious things from childhood. For that He studied mysterious subjects like Magic, Astrology, Rekie. He performed many Magic shows and Ventriloquism at various places all over India. He studied variety types of Meditation. He learned the meditation from great Vipassana teacher LATE shri SATYANARAYAN GOYANKAJI. He has read many yogis's & saint's spiritual books on universal truth and cosmic energy.
He learned hypnosis from great hypnotist Mr. D. B. BELLARE (Vangani) in 1972. Since then, he studying on hypnosis and doing research on it. From 20 years he has conducted hypnosis classes in his institute and workshops on various places. Till today he taught hypnosis to more than 5000 students. He has merely given successful treatment on various mental diseases, but also done successful research on terminal aids. He has written books on the subjects like Hypnosis, Child-psychology and Astrology and is published by reputed publishers and we are getting fabulous response from readers. Many small and big organizations arrange his entertainment stage shows and are conducted lectures on the subjects like Hypnosis, Personal development, Child-psychology, Rekie, Astrology, Blind-belief ,Yoga and Meditation. His Interviews and articles are published in many leading magazines and newspaper like Times of India, Maharashtra Times, Loksatta, Samana.

"Some Moments Of My Life"

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