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1) Is it possible to learn self hypnosis within 3 days?
You will not only get bookish knowledge but also you will be taught experienced technique. You will be experienced light trance directly within 3 days. Your concentration will increase in 3 days. You will feel necessary confidence for doing any task. After completion of this course many students is given opinion “if we would have been done this course before, our life would have became more aromatic.” So take advantage of this golden opportunity immediately.
2) May I hypnotize myself?
Yes, surely. Where there is love there is anger. Where there is fickleness of mind, there is stability of mind. Where there is darkness there is light. Every one can be hypnotize. But exceptional cases like, silly or mad person can’t be hypnotized. Person to person its percentage is very less.
3) What will be taught in self-hypnosis?
It’s technique to stabilize the body; it is technique to make the mind stable and sharp. Self experience of hypnosis state. Develop the concentration, confidence, willpower, memory these basic aspects through hypnotic state. Learn Self-suggestion technique for positive thinking and personality development or personal problems. You will get Perfect self-hypnosis technique.
4) Is it possible to learn complete hypnosis within 10 days?
Duration of learning any technique may be short due to the busy life, but effort should be taken for life long. More practice, more success. Within these ten days, you will get the perfect knowledge of hypnosis of various branches and experience of primary level definitely. From eleventh day you will progress rapidly toward your goal and successful life.
5) What will be taught in Hypnosis?
Scientific study of Gazing, Omkar practice, Pranayama and Passes. You learn preliminary preparation for Hypnosis, three stages of Hypnosis, Stage entertainment, Animal magnetism, Hypnotherapy, use of hypnosis in daily life and Psychology of business.
6) Is the fee seems more?
Our life flow is flowing with Basic combination of mind and body. If our body is healthy and mind is strong, then we will get success in life. We do physical exercise in gymnasium. But what do you know about mind? We are doing lot of expenses on other education, for shopping, for entertainment. Compare to all these, to get “master key to success”, this fee is very less.
7) From many days I want to learn hypnosis, but I don't get leisure?
If you have to achieve something, then you will have the time to drawn. Otherwise, “now there no time, will look after” saying this all life will be finished. Who will Say,” There is no time to bath or no time for meal.” Likewise if you give importance to it as a part of life, definitely you can find time for it. Develop your spiritual strength as early as possible and take fully advantage of remaining life.
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